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They are some of my works at the head school.

With leaves Only/ No Kenzan

Green arrangement

Materials you don't choose
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Hi Shunho,

Teacher Federation had a Demo with a theme: leaves only last Saturday 7 June, 2014.
All 7 school's President ( Artamame, Chico, Ikenobo, Ohara, Sogetsu, Enshu, Wafu) demo use leaves only.
Well, that is very interesting!

| Linda Hsiao-Kuang Lee | 2014/06/11 12:38 PM |
>HI! Linda:

It must have been great!
| shunho | 2014/06/11 7:13 PM |
Hi Shunho,

I like the idea of "green arrangement". You used long leaves to tie 2 branches together. It turns out an art form. That is a very beautiful touch. Only Shunho can imagine & carry out the idea & beauty.

| Linda hsiao-kuang Lee | 2014/06/12 12:42 AM |
>Hi! Linda:

Thank you! I'm praised!
| Shunho | 2014/06/12 12:50 PM |
Hi Shunho,

I like the shape you cut the Monstera. It turned out elegant. With leaves only without kenzan, excellent!

| Linda Hsaio-Kuang Lee | 2014/06/12 11:02 PM |
>Hi! Linda:

Have you noticed that the Monstera was trimmed? Thank you!
| Shunho | 2014/06/16 5:36 PM |
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