Kiwi fruit vine, Carnationby Shumho

Think about three elements, line mass and color in a free style of Sogetsu ikebana.

I tried focusing on them in this arrangement.

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Peach, Field mustard , Hand-made vaseby Shumho

ʪ The combination of Peach and Field mustard is a must along with the doll festival: Hinamatsuri.

Do you know Hiomote (of plants) in Japanese? It means the side to face the sun.
It is very important in traditional ikebana including Sogetsu Kakeiho. You have to be careful not to show the back (not Hiomote) in ikebana.
Of course you can arrange showing the back in a free style.

the back

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The vase is a kind of the Tea ceremony things .

ʪIt is better to trim off unwanted leaves when you arrange camellias.

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As you know, glory lily is known with its red flower.

But there is white one!

I tried this ikebana to show contrast between feeling of light flowers and a heavy iron vase.

Glory lily, Balloon vine

~At Iemoto class~


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It is a Children's Day today ( May 5th ) in Japan to celebrate children in general.

On Children's Day, some people customarily take a bath with the leaves and roots of the shobu (sweet flag) plant in the water. Shobu has fragrant leaves and is believed to wash away evil.

Sweet flag
~Acorus calamus var. angustatus~

Sword-leaved iris
~ Iris ensata~

ʪThe leaves look the same, but the flowers are quite different.

Family's with boys display kabuto ( Samurai's helmets ) and special dolls called Gogatsu-Ningyo ( Samurai warrior dolls ), and fly carp-shaped streamers. Usually there is a streamer for each member of the family.

The tradition is getting change, the number of people who display them has decreased.

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