Have you ever seen a bluish violet carnation?

Here you are!!!

Under the sun light

Close up

The carnations have been brought in improvement by the factory, Santori. You might have known the name with production of alcohol.

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I sometimes have hay fever caused by orchardgrass pollen.


~Dactylis glomerata L. ~

You could see these plants as weeds all over Japan.

I hope the season is ending soon.

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It is a beautiful morning!

Around the porch
The red color of Ivy geranium doesn' t look suitable there, I will have to move it.

Black Dianthus( Sweet william )
A friend of mine gave me some flowers. This flower looks black!

Also a rose, too

This white flower looks nice! Maybe it can be new.

Bishop's weed

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This cyclamen survived last summer, and now started to bloom.

down These ones have bloomed since last December. They were forced cyclamens for bloom in winter.

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Do you remember the Japanese radish ( Daikon )? Read 2.24 and1.19.

It started to break down. I applied a splice piece to it.

But it never took water in .

I cut it at the middle of the stem, and put it into water in a glass.

But it finally died. Sorrrrry!

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